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The Marketing Stack: Marketing Automation Tools Improve Outcomes

Scratch Marketing + Media’s VP Peter Atansoff spoke to an enthusiastic group in their Somerville conference room at NewCo Boston about the new world of marketing and publicity.  He discussed the impressive array of tools marketers have available and shared how technology companies can zero in on opportunities to use them for their marketing goals.  Scratch Marketing + Media is a growth advisor and nimble execution partner for tech and innovation companies.  They exist to help game-changing technology and innovations be recognized, accepted, and adopted quickly.

The lively discussion took place during NewCo Boston, an annual festival hosted by MassTLC where 85+ tech companies open their doors and welcome the community in to learn about their vision and culture. NewCo is the brainchild of Wired Magazine founder John Battelle and is held in a couple dozen cities around the globe.

Key take-a-ways from the session included:

  • Just a few years ago, there were a few hundred different b2b marketing automation tools. Today, there are close to 4,000 different platforms and tools, each optimized for a different marketing function.  As a result, chief marketing officers tend to spend more money in their organizations for their marketing goals than any other team, including IT.
  • Another trend in the industry is called Account-based Marketing, a fresh way to look at inbound and outbound marketing made possible by tools that measure impact. This approach targets companies that meet a certain criteria and are the sales team’s ideal customer, and it flips the traditional pipeline funnel to reach key accounts with carefully crafted marketing messages. Automated tools make this easier and more effective than ever before.
  • With so many options, marketers develop their “Marketing Stack,” a customized suite of tools that work together to help the company meets its goals. To start, a company can develop their customer list, create goals, and enlist many free or almost free tools — several of which were created by Boston-area companies — that can track and measure progress for marketing and sales teams.

NewCo Boston is one of four signature industry-wide events MassTLC hosts throughout the year – the others include: Boston/TechJam in June, the Mass Technology Leadership Awards in September, and TRANSFORM in November. Check out our events calendar for details upcoming MassTLC events.

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