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The Future of IT: What to Expect and How to Prepare

What will IT look like in the future? Building on their Future of Work report, which looked at the evolving role of technology in the workplace, Pega’s Future of IT report takes a closer look at how technology will shake up the IT function in the next three to five years. The stage is set for a radical transformation of the IT role – as intelligent automation, low-code platforms, and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to help more organizations streamline their operational and IT complexity as well as free employees from manual admin tasks.

This research report unpacks how digital transformation will impact key aspects of IT, including organizational structures, workflow, the competencies needed to succeed, workplace satisfaction, workloads, and IT’s relative power within the enterprise. The result is a dynamic, bold snapshot of what’s important now and how the coming changes will see IT roles evolve globally, by seniority and sector.

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