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Social Commitment and the Opportunity to Help New Americans

When we talk with one another and discuss what our “social commitment” efforts might look like in 2023, and how we should allocate both our time as individuals and our dollars as big and small businesses, New Americans is one rapidly growing community that will greatly benefit from our help.

Here’s my story of Luis, a Mexican citizen who fled Mexico, sought asylum and settled in New Hampshire. It’s the story of many Mexican citizens, who want to provide for their families, are driven to work hard and build a business, but cannot because they were chased out of their own country.

Luis’s business was cattle ranching and he owned hundreds of acres on a beautiful ranch and homestead. His family were all involved in the operation. Luis bought, bred and sold cattle (think fresh beef!) across the border. He was building a business for his family and his plan was to pass the business down to his sons.

Through a lifetime of hard work, Luis had developed and cultivated a network of business
contacts in Mexico and the US who were both buyers and sellers. He was a very successful
entrepreneur and businessman: knowledgeable and respected in the industry.
That all came to a complete stop one night, when Luis and his family fled Mexico in the middle of the night seeking asylum in the US. Continue reading for Luis’s story…

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