Shining the Spotlight on Our Members: MassTLC Visibility Benefits

We talk with our members often to learn how they gain value from their MassTLC membership and what they find most beneficial about working with us.  One of the most commonly mentioned benefits recognizes the many ways MassTLC provides visibility for their companies and their key executives, products, and initiatives.

Members want visibility for a variety of reasons, including building their brand and attracting talent, customers, investment, etc. For each of these reasons, there are a range of MassTLC offerings that can provide the right type of exposure.

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Sponsorship–events and communities
  • Awards program (as nominees, judges, sponsors)
  • Boston TechJam and NewCo Boston
  • Career fairs
  • Community participation/leadership
  • Member content sharing on website, e-newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Member event promotion on website and e-newsletter
  • Job Board

As a MassTLC member, your company receives opportunities to show your expertise and highlight your products and services. We consider members first for speaking opportunities, and sponsorship opportunities are only available to members. Out cluster communities are member driven, and community events are extremely interactive, so participation as either an attendee or a leader provides you and your company great exposure.

Our Signature Events provide industry-wide exposure for your technology, leadership and company. Our six-month, multi-event Awards program shines a spotlight on companies large and small, while Boston TechJam, which attracts 6000+ attendees, celebrates both individual companies and their unique cultures as well as the greater Massachusetts tech scene. NewCo Boston, with more than 80 participating companies, is a great way for individual companies to show off their culture, leadership, cool space, technology or community involvement to job seekers, potential partners and anyone interested in the local tech scene.

For your recruiting team, the Signature Events provide great brand exposure that can be complemented by our career fairs, which attract both students and seasoned professionals, and online job board. Our LinkedIn group also provides a great vehicle for promoting open positions.

Last, but not least, our new website and e-newsletter are a great place to share your thought leadership and promote your events. We also love to share good news about our members via Twitter, so please let us know if you have something happening that you would like to share.

To learn more about membership benefits, please email us at

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