Sales Compensation: Providing the right incentives to maximize sales and revenues

Thanks so much to all
that joined us on Friday for the sales compensation discussion with Jim
Kelliher from LogMeIn.  I think everyone left with a few ideas for their
own plans.  Jim’s presentation is available here on
SlideShare with an overview of LogMeIn’s basic objectives, structure decisions
and his own personal pet peeves :).
A few ideas for upcoming
sessions is shown below. Please let me know if you have any other ideas or if
you would like to get involved in planning and/or speaker recommendations.
  • A
    member roundtable discussion on the sales tax issue for SaaS companies
    (potentially include update on the Jobs Act)
  • Services 
    • Potential keynote: J.B.
      President and CEO of the Technology Services Industry
      Association (TSIA) and author of Consumption Economics
  • Routes
    to market – channel, direct sales or both?
Again, special thanks to
IBM for hosting and to Jim Kelliher for sharing his expertise. Watch for registrationfor
the Cloud summit on October 19th.  We look forward to seeing you again

Upcoming Events


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