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Re-Imagine Your Workforce, Part 3—Compliance and Return To Work in an Evolving Environment

This month, tech talent professionals gathered for a virtual workshop (part 3 of our Strategies to Re-imagine Your Workforce series) to discuss multi-state and global employment issues and return to work strategies. Practitioners and experts who are innovating the next generation of talent management shared their ideas, strategies, and up to the minute laws and regulations. They analyzed this question: Is remote work a permanent arrangement of the future, and how do you plan for this flexibility in the workforce? 


David Mayes, Principal- Global Mobility Services, KPMG LLC, and Stephen Melnick, Labor and Employment Attorney, Littler, presented the latest information that impacts tech organizations. In the first session, “Compliance and multi-state employment,” David touched on facts that tech leaders need to know in the payroll tax, HR compliance, labor law issues, compliance challenges, and how to enable remote work around the globe. Stephen rounded the discussion by address the following which has been impacted by COVID-19: Work anywhere state laws, expense reimbursements, sick time and paid leave, accurate pay stubs, discrimination, and harassment issues. The key take for talent and operations leaders was to know where their employees are.


Session two brought practitioners together to share their strategies on safety, health, and productivity and was Moderated by Aceup’s executive coach and longstanding talent executive, Joanne Derr. She navigated the conversation to help attendees understand return to work strategies, how to maintain the culture, and staying connected while preparing a global workforce for the next phase. 


Brian Murray, Snr. Sr. Director of Global Facilities, Akamai, is tasked with a two-phased approach. For the second phase, they are working with a consulting company on how to bring a global company of 7,500 employees back to work. They have implemented training for the return.  


As a smaller tech organization, Regina O’Brien, Head of People at Algorand, focused on how to stay connected and maintain the culture in her company. They implemented strategies, staying close to the concept: Stay close, while apart. The next phase for their return to work will include re-imagining the office and include surveillance technology for COVID testing.  


Michael Bearman, Chief Legal Officer, Vecna Robotics, brought approximately 30 percent of their workforce back as COVID-19 numbers decreased. Pivoting once again as numbers rise, they have scaled back to keep essential employees safe by empowering their employees to do what they can and be flexible. This helped with productivity. They offered programs to empower their employees which helped with productivity. 


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