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Product Led Growth: 8 Reasons Why It’s More Than Today’s Buzz Word

If you’ve read anything on Product Led Growth (PLG), you’ll quickly learn that it’s a philosophy. The more passionate I become about it; I’ve come to realize that it’s NOT actually about product.

Hear me out. Here are 8 facts you need to know about PLG:

  1. Putting the entire experience your company offers at the forefront.
  2. Truly understanding your target market and what pains they have so you can alleviate them or at least make them better.
  3. Making your experience more accessible to your target market and meeting the technological expectations of today’s consumers.
  4. Giving your customers an opportunity to try or buy the (or parts of the) experience: How they want to, when they want to, in increments commensurate with their need, and with minimal hoops/hurdles so they can start realizing value.
  5. Thinking of the entire consumer experience (lead > prospect > client > a forever fan/evangelist) as your product.
  6. Realizing your entire company as accountable for making the experience top-notch.
  7. Using technology to do the heavy lifting so you can spend precious human-intervention capacity on primo touchpoints.
  8. Tearing down internal silos and aligning across ALL functions (product management, engineering, systems, sales, marketing, finance, support, operations) to bring the most ideal and delightful experience to life.

Product is a part of it, but PLG is really about your end-to-end EXPERIENCE. Imagine a world where PLG was called “ELG” and Product Management teams were called “Experience Management” teams…this small shift could open up the doors to quicker adoption and use of this game-changing philosophy beyond start-ups to the rest of the business world.


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