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3/27/13 Cloud Seminar: Optimizing for Growth: Cloud Infrastructure Choices

Imbriaco, Operations at GitHub, kicked off our cloud seminar last night at UKTI in
Cambridge.  He has a ton of experience with the cloud for companies such
as GitHub, Salesforce.com, 37Signals, Heroku and LivingSocial. Mark outlined
the 3 reasons why people move to the cloud:  
  1. Save
    money.  Mark debated this one and disagrees that the public cloud will
    save you money.  He’s done the math and expenses are 2 ½ times more
    running in the public cloud – fully loaded. You can see this across the
    different providers as vendors are no longer differentiating on price. Too
    many people have done the math to show it’s no longer a cost savings.
  2. Avoiding
    IT  – Mark still doesn’t see this as the
    compelling reason to move to the cloud as it’s not going to be the reason to say good-bye to your IT staff
  3. Agility
    – 100% the reason why people should use the cloud.  It is the path to
    get things done quickly and optimize for growth.

Following Mark’s
presentation we had four members present on their cloud of choice and why.
Andrew Kenney, VP of Platform Engineering at Acquia and co-chair of MassTLC’s cloud community
is running 100% Amazon.  It works for them and they look forward to
Amazon’s expansion as they expand their own customer base.  
Eric Golin, CTO at Carbonite stated that they primarily use their own infrastructure, co-located
with Internap.  With the amount of storage required and their growth, they
could only contain costs by hosting their own cloud.  They do use Amazon
for their labs projects a photo storage application and a new product, Currents.
This offers them the ability to get a product up and running quickly and manage
the unpredictability of a new application.  
Mark Dudman, VP of Engineering and Cloud Ops at Ipswitch, has standardized on Rackspace. It was a
tough road for them to get there but they depend on it for agility and
predictability of their secure file transfer business.  They also like the
more personalized service they receive from Rackspace than from a provider like
Lou Guercia, CEO at Scribe is running on Microsoft Azure.  The
Windows Azure is running capably but he did express concern over SQL Azure.
 It has some nice features but unfortunately, at this time, it is not
performing as well as they had hoped.
A great
discussion followed on vendor loyalty and how it no longer exists, security and
how it is still keeping folks up at night – whether they are running public or
private, and the need to architect properly to avoid lock-in.  

For more details on the event, please check out this news analysis posted by Eric Lundquist at eWeek.

What’s next?
  • Cloud
    Pricing Research
    : Alan
    Hoffman, Co-founder of Cloudant, and Colleen Smith, VP of SaaS at Progress, who
    both co-chair the Cloud group, will be hosting an advisory board meeting on May
    1st to kick-off research on cloud pricing.  If you are interested in
    helping shape this research, please email me at christine@masstlc.org or register here
  •  Software
    development roundtable discussion on 4/25 “Maximizing a Distributed Agile Team
  •  CXO event with Geoffrey Moore on 5/14. 
Thanks to UKTI for
hosting, our cloud cluster sponsors AutoDesk, DNY Internap, Oracle, Progress,
VMWare, Zuora and DYN for the rogue #DYNtini at Firebrand Saints! 
Christine Nolan
Director of Communities

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