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An interview with Harold Moss @hmossiii, Sr. Director, Security Strategy @Akamai

We asked.  Harold answered.

Why is stepping up security,
immediately, particularly important to your company/industry?
High valuations of recent security
startups are indicators of the tremendous opportunities available to local
technology companies–particularly those focused on providing security
services, especially those delivered via the cloud.  Attacks are evolving
and becoming more pervasive, at the same time we are experiencing a deficit in
the area of security talent.  
What is the key obstacle companies
like yours face in bringing security up to where it needs to be?
Talent, or lack thereof. The reality
is there are limited resources available to develop the controls needed to
address the exponential growth of threats across the landscape.
What is the next step that you
recommend the local community take to ensure that Boston becomes the next
security mecca?
Boston and the Massachusetts area
represent a wealth of talent and knowledge, as well as a breath of educational
opportunities. Massachusetts businesses need to start sowing the seeds of
security into the educational community through teaching and intern programs.
 At the same time, Massachusetts schools need to create focused programs
on cyber security, similar to those found at the University of Tacoma… By
introducing the next generation to security knowledge we can create a community
of excellence which will enable us to create a security mecca. 

Hear more from Harold and a
host of other security experts at next week’s Security
– The Business of Security: Impacting Your Company’s Resiliency,
Reputation and Revenue.

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