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October 19th Cloud Summit: Moving From Theory to Practice

Accelerating your
Business with the Cloud
Approximately 250 people turned out for MassTLC’s annual
cloud summit focusing on accelerating your business with the cloud. Scott Davis, CTO of end user computing
services at VMWare, kicked off the morning sharing their vision and perspective
of the Cloud.  He noted that as the cloud
era is evolving, it is all about speed. 
For a company such as Wal-mart, they can continue to accelerate their
business because the real-time data they utilize to adjust to store needs and
demands provides them the competitive advantage to stay ahead of the
competition.  It is the speed of change
that is disruptive. Scott’s presentation can be found here
Next Michael Skok from North Bridge Venture partners took
the stage to share the results of the 2012 Future of Cloud Computing survey.  Nearly 800 people responded to the survey and
identified the top three cloud drivers as scalability, agility and cost. Cloud
provides the ability to separate the non-core activities from your core
competencies, outsourcing if necessary.

82% of survey respondents said that 84% of net new software will
be SaaS.  Instead of building services, all
of our money and energy is being dedicated to the next generation of applications.
And what are they going to build it on? 
75% said they will build software using PaaS by 2017 (up 83% from
2012).  But does everyone agree?  Maybe not, the world is going to shift
significantly, according to Michael. 
But we still have work to do!  Security, regulatory/compliance and privacy,
and more importantly, vendor lock-in, are inhibiting adoption.  People want interoperability and the economies
of scale to play across clouds.  They
want data portability, they want APIs that are consistent across all clouds,
and as more cloud services become available, they want to manage workflow
across applications and clouds.  Looks at
this as opportunities!  The full results
of the survey can be found here.
Next, Michael was joined on stage by Paul Sonderegger, Sr.
Director of Analytics for Oracle for a “fireside chat”.  Michael and Paul discussed how big data is
driving cloud adoption. 
The four different breakout session at the summit which
included Think Like a Start-up:
accelerating your business with the cloud; Where, When  and How to Partner for Success; Transitioning
and Scaling in the Cloud
; and
Managing and Mitigating Risk
were all deep discussions on critical aspects
of the cloud.  Thanks to all of our
speakers for thought-provoking discussions and sharing what you have learned
with your business.  
Special thanks to Oracle for hosting the event, to Oracle,
Progress and Windstream for sponsoring the event and to our table exhibitors: Basho,
Canonical, Colospace, DYN, Expedient, Metratech, OnX, Oracle, Progress,
Windstream and VMWare.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Our Go-to-market
strategy session
is just around the corner on November 2nd and
the Innovation unConference on November
Thanks to all that attended!

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