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New Year, New Leadership: Apperian Welcomes Mark Lorion


After recent acquisition of Boston mobile app management
platform, Apperian, by San Franciso based mobile application attack prevention
and IoT security company Arxan technologies, Mark Lorion has been named the new
leader to the Boston business.


Lorion rang in the New Year next in line to lead, after
Apperian’s former CEO, Brian Day, stepped down to pursue new career
opportunities at Fuze. . Though parting ways from Apperian, Day has no doubts
about the future success of the company. “Apperian is in great Hand’s with
Mark,” he said. After all, it was Day himself who recommended Lorion to Arxan
CEO Joe Sander.


Lorion’s resume proved him a clearly qualified candidate
for the position having been a member of Apperian’s team for over four years.
“It’s exciting. I’ve been in the trenches with these guys for a long time.
We have the battle scars and trophies to show it,” Mark spoke of Apperian.
“I’m happy to be in the trenches with them.”


Mark Lorion is a MassTLC Board Member as well as a
co-fouder of MassTLC’s signature event: Boston


Given Lorion’s previous experience, Arxan’s consumer
focus, and Apperian’s enterprise outlook, both with strong ties to the city,
the two companies foresee a strong future with business opportunity to combine
selling efforts across diverse markets. “Apperian does a great job at
securing apps in the enterprise — apps used by employees, contractors” said
Day. “What Arxan does a great job is securing apps that are publicly
available.  No one wants their banking
app hacked. If you think about it, it’s a pretty good fit.”


The possibilities for this new acquisition seem limitless
right now. Congratulations and best of luck to Mark Lorion as he takes on this
new venture!


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