NetBrain Offers Free Licenses & Remote Toolkit for Existing Clients

COVID-19 and the ensuing response have had broad and disruptive consequences to individuals, families and businesses. During this stressful and uncertain time, NetBrain is committed to providing you and your business the tools to keep your network healthy.

Many of our customers are making heavier use of NetBrain to understand and diagnose changes in their network.To support you and your team in tackling these new and unique challenges, we will be offering additional licenses at no charge for the period of the crisis. Please reach out to your CSM or and we will be here to help. Once business returns to normal, we will revert back to existing license limits.

We are also making available the NetBrain Remote Work Toolkit, developed by our Senior Automation Engineers. This toolkit is developed to help you manage the unique challenges presented by shifting network traffic to increasing remote work.The toolkit will help you:

  • Map your remote access traffic
  • Baseline and monitor key remote access parameters (utilization, session/license usage, etc.)
  • Diagnose remote access issues

You can learn more about our toolkit by contacting your CSM or directly. Our support and services teams will continue to roll out toolkit updates on a weekly basis to you and your team.

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