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MIT Professional Education Offers New Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0

MIT Professional Education has launched a new Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0. Taught exclusively online over 12 months by renowned MIT faculty, this unique program will equip technology and engineering professionals in the manufacturing space with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to excel in the digital age.

“From the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, to smart manufacturing and product platforms, technological innovations are powering widespread transformation across the industrial sector,” said Clara Piloto, Director of Digital Plus and Global Programs for MIT Professional Education. “Our multilingual Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0 will enable professionals to acquire the digital strategies and tools they need to redesign product operations, business models and customer support in an environment that is technologically and competitively evolving more rapidly than ever before.”

The Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0 currently includes four core courses offered in both English and Spanish. They include:

In addition to the core courses, the certificate program offers a selection of electives, such as:

“The fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally disrupting our world. As such, organizations need to build a culture of continuous learning to ensure employees are trained to adapt to these drastic changes,” said Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director of MIT Professional Education. “We are offering yet another concentration certificate that will provide professionals with a blend of technology and higher-level skills necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing industry landscape.”

In addition to the new Industry 4.0 Professional Certificate Program, MIT Professional Education is also launching two brand new online courses:

Registration for 2021 courses is open. For more information, visit the course catalog.

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