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Meet #NewCoBOS Host Company – Brainshark!

Inside the Sales Enablement Technology
Michael Ferioli, VP of Engineering at
Did you
know that 81% of sales conversations fail to meet the
expectations of executives? Brainshark strives to put an end to painful sales
conversations by helping reps master their message and have more valuable interactions
with buyers. At Brainshark’s NewCo session on April 5th, we
will show attendees how the next generation of salespeople will use virtual
reality technology to better prepare for buyer interactions. 
For nearly
two decades, a variety of technology solutions have striven to make salespeople
more effective through a combination of time savings and effectiveness.
Brainshark established itself as an innovator in this space by enabling
salespeople to more effectively prepare for sales conversations and engage
prospects with rich, dynamic content.
built upon those content authoring and learning platform roots in 2016 by introducing
a video coaching solution, which helps large
distributed sales forces master their sales messages. We’ve also made these
solutions available where salespeople spend most of their time – Salesforce,
Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook.
Today, Brainshark
continues to disrupt the sales enablement and readiness market by applying augmented
reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology
to the readiness process. Brainshark Labs, Brainshark’s research and
development team, has been working on two projects that will revolutionize how
salespeople are trained and onboarded. 
To help
salespeople practice selling and hone their skills, we developed a sales
simulator using Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset. Sales leaders understand
the importance of fostering a safe environment for honing sales skills and practicing.  But the practice environment can’t be too
safe or too static – that’s why Brainshark’s simulator has built-in
intelligence that reacts and responds to students in real time. Using virtual
reality technology, reps can make mistakes in the simulator instead of in front
of a real prospect, which might be the difference in winning or losing business. 
Most organizations will ask new sales reps to demonstrate
their proficiency before making their first sales call. But sales managers,
coaches and sales enablement personnel are expensive resources. That’s why
we’re leveraging a suite of video analytics tools to reduce the time it takes
for managers to review their reps’ pitches, helping them focus on the presentation
aspects that matter most. Applying machine learning algorithms, lexical and
grammatical analyzers, Brainshark’s video coaching product will be able to
predict a salesperson’s likelihood of success in the field. Our models process
a wide variety of data points, including sentiment analysis, speech cadence and
facial emotions to determine if reps are persuasively and effectively
communicating value. 
Ready to see the future of sales enablement technology? Join us on April 5th during our Mass
TLC NewCo session to experience how virtual reality and machine learning will
impact how organizations prepare their sales teams for success.  



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