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MassTLC Cloud Summit: Practitioners Share Their Stories on the Shifting Cloud

Thanks to all the attended yesterday’s cloud summit at Bentley University.  We kicked off the morning by welcoming Ariel Tseitlin, Director of Cloud Services from Netflix to the stage.  With one of the largest users of the public cloud in the world, his story on infrastructure management and building the complex system in the cloud was compelling.  According to Ariel “it’s all about APIs, elasticity and efficiency.

Ariel also spoke about what’s coming next for Netflix – it looks like Cloud, billing and payments and big data and analytics is on the horizon.  In addition, they are running a $100K open source cloud competition designed to help build the missing piece between AWS and running your software in the cloud.  Details are here.  

Ariel’s complete presentation on the Netflix cloud can be found here

Allison Mnookin, VP and GM of Intuit QuickBase next.  Allison turned the summit from a technical cloud discussion to the business drivers behind cloud adoption.  There is a growing trend that employees are taking IT into their own hands, acting with or without IT. Allison’s complete presentation can be found here.

Michael Skok, Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners took the stage next and presented the results of the 3rd Annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey. The survey received more than 900 respondents and the results are not to be missed.  A few things the crowd picked up on:

  • Security as a cloud inhibiting concern is down 18% year over year
  • Vendor dominance is a significant issue to CIO’s in going to the cloud
  • Agility and scalability continue to be the drivers behind cloud
  • A hybrid cloud approach will become more the norm because of cost, security, reliability and compliance
  • Business is driving Cloud adoption and Everything as a Service (EaaS) . 
  • And the new formation to watch for:  The Sensor Cloud

Please check out Michael Skok’s blog for key finding and the complete survey results. 

Also, there was a top 10 takeaways from the keynote presentations written by Mike Marks of Enduro Marketing that you may find useful.

The sessions continued throughout the morning.  Joe Kinsella from CloudHealth Technologies lead a great discussion with Acquia, Sonian and Pegasystems on performance and cost optimization and the tools available for managing cloud costs. We would recommend you follow CloudHealth’s blog for continued dialogue on the topic. 

Next, Brad Meiseles, Director vCloud for VMWare moderated a discuss on hybrid cloud with Jim Cuff from Constant Contact, Paul Barnill, PayPal and Craig Tracey, HubSpot.  It was interesting to hear the different models. Constant Contact’s business runs primarily in the private cloud/fixed infrastructure.  This prohibits some business agility and the ability to innovate quickly which has pushed them to use some public cloud infrastructure.  Both HubSpot and PayPal run their businesses in the public cloud.  PayPal needs the elasticity of the cloud as 60% of their total business is in the last quarter of the year.  For HubSpot, it’s more about efficiency than cost.  If you care most about costs as you scale, the public cloud may not be the best option.  All agreed and it was reiterated throughout the entire event that hybrid cloud is the way of the future.

Cory von Wallenstein, Chief Technologist at DYN and Jim Salem, VP of Engineering at Endurance International shared loads of data on global cloud adoption.  From where the users are, to latency, to traffic by region by cloud provider.  It was fascinating data to review.  Take a look here.  Now that the information has been pulled together, it’s Cory intent to keep it updated.  Watch for it on the DYN research blog

Lastly, Jo Maitland, Sr. Researcher at GigaOm led a discussion with Mike Pearl, Global Cloud Computing Leader from PwC, Marc Caruso, CTO at Data Intensity and Tomek Kozdrowicz, VP Enterprise Architecture at Hologic on the shifting cloud landscape and the trends shaping the market. We continue to hear more about the shift to the hybrid cloud. 

Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to join us and to our event sponsors Comcast Business, Oracle, EarthLink, Internap, Digital Realty and Windstream.  Our goal is to reconvene the Cloud community soon to talk about MassTLC’s recent cloud pricing research and also that new formation that Michael briefly hit on:  the sensor cloud or the Internet of Things as it spans across many or most of MassTLC’s communities.  Hope to see you again soon!


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