Lessons In Culture Building

In 2017, a group of five engineers at MITRE’s Bedford Massachusetts location set out to explore ways to help people understand what innovation is and how to do it. Calling ourselves “Team Toolkit,” our mission was to democratize innovation and increase people’s access to tools and knowledge necessary to deliver innovative solutions to hard problems.

Over the past five years, we have designed and delivered hundreds of innovation workshops, launched a website that features over two dozen innovation tools, wrote and published two books, and in 2020 we received MITRE’s highest accolade, the Program Recognition Award. The ITK community has now grown to include 50+ people across multiple divisions & locations.

This paper tells the story of how we built the innovative culture that is core to our success. It focuses primarily on the ITK leadership team and our history, but also touches on the wider ITK community and our future. The paper concludes by providing some tips on how your team or organization can build an innovative culture too.

Download Lessons In Culture Building to read the full report from MITRE.


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