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Lessons from the Trenches: meQuilibrium CEO, Jan Bruce

At the MassTLC Executive Forum on January 31st, five CEOs from Massachusetts growth companies will share the most important lessons that they have learned as leaders. Catch a sneak peek from meQuilibrium CEO & Co-Founder, Jan Bruce, below.


Jan BruceChallenges you have overcome
So often as entrepreneur CEOs we are in the position of being first; it’s an opportunity and a challenge. As a born entrepreneur I have always been a “challenger brand” and this was a natural extension of my previous successful and pioneering ventures in wellbeing. You have to tirelessly evangelize your vision to help the outside world and your team to understand and fall in love with your radically new approach to solving a big problem.

Opportunities you have leveraged
As an entrepreneur, being able to see which way the wind is blowing is something that has been important for me and has been critical to scaling. I understood way ahead of the curve that it was super important to help employees feel better about themselves and their work to make them better employees, not just as a perk to ensure that their healthcare spending could be kept in check. This has been a game changer for us as the leader in resilience training, and frankly it’s been of critical importance to successfully navigate transformation for all of the Fortune 500 customers who have chosen to work with us.

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