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Leading Indicator Releases Breakthrough, Neuroscience-Based Emotional-Motivational Assessment, AgileBrain for Coaching

“An essential ingredient of effective coaching is understanding the client’s emotional needs and motivations,” explains John Penrose, CEO at Leading Indicator Systems. Unfortunately, a reliable way to measure emotional / motivational needs has been missing from the coaching toolkit. With the release of AgileBrain for Coaching, that gap has been filled. For the first time, coaches have a validated, neuroscience-based tool to measure their clients’ emotional / motivational needs. Coaches no longer need to settle for cognitive tools, ill-suited to measure non-cognitive processes, like emotions and motivations.

The neuroscience revolution has transformed our understanding of how the brain works and the critical role emotions play in human behavior. Much of this research took place in laboratory settings using elaborate experiments and technologies like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The term neuro-leadership has emerged in recognition of these findings about the critical linkages between brain science and decision-making.

The neuro-leadership movement recognizes the necessity to understand emotional / motivational needs as a powerful enabler of leadership. “Authentic leadership arises from a deep understanding of one’s emotional needs and what truly matters,” explains Dave Casullo, executive leadership coach and author of Leading the High Energy Culture. However, until today, the neuro-leadership movement has lacked a practical way to measure emotions in the workplace. Laboratory experiments and brain imaging aren’t practical in the workplace, and traditional assessments simply can’t measure emotions. One of the fundamental challenges of traditional assessments is that they are cognitive. Presented with a question or statement, respondents are asked to reflect and respond on a scale (e.g., “strongly agree” or “frequently”). This approach invokes a conscious, deliberate response that can’t capture authentic emotional response. AgileBrain fills this gap.

With its unique, image-based technique and comprehensive emotional needs framework, AgileBrain measures and maps emotions accurately. AgileBrain has been validated in a series of independent studies with thousands of respondents and is actively being used by AgileBrain coaches. It’s a fast and fun approach that is easy for coaches to employ and paints a remarkably accurate and actionable profile of emotional needs, enabling AgileBrain coaches to have powerful conversation with their clients. “I’ve used AgileBrain with many of my CEO/Founder clients and have been impressed how well it pinpoints emotions and prompts conversations,” explains Kevin Poulsen of AlphaEquity Builders, adding “it works so well, we’ve added it to our SMB accelerator platform.”

AgileBrain for Coaching provides business coaches a powerful tool and the resources and support to help their clients explore emotional needs, build emotional awareness, and expand leadership capacity. “AgileBrain is a game changer for executive coaches like me,” added Casullo.

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