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Key Takeaways from Innovating Social Tech

Adrian Wong provided notes from Innovating Social Tech

@ Innovating Social Tech
Andy Maddocks, R2integratingBoston @andymaddocks spearheading discussions
– What is social? (if you aren’t familiar) Social is the ability to connect people to places to ideas
– Where the opportunities arise: education, commerce, causes, engagement, health & social, across daily life, visibility, ideas-to-interaction
– Problem: Social space is a fragmented market which sparks the notion on metrics
– Is Measurement a constraint on innovation?

Very few people knew what are the metrics that would impact consumer behavior
– Demand-side development targeting specific user populations

Stop being monolithic in your social brands, have more specific conversations

Being a generalist engaging a large audience will provide little value when it comes conveying a message; mainly true with large corporations as they are still figuring out social

Be more location-centric
– Bringing an app into market would in essence require SEO & SEM
– There is lack of understanding the “leveragability” of older technologies into newer applications

Optimizing thank you notes
Read the book “The Thank You Economy” on the power of simple thank you notes engagement
– How can social appeal to B2B

Provide customer support
Engage developer communities
Community share same applications across different industries
Utilize inbound methodology (if you are curious check Hubspot.com)

Some of the outstanding concerning B2B: security, privacy, confidentiality
– Is there a silver bullet? Not so much since the space is continuously fragmented

Possible solution: Become focused and not be the end-all-be-all solution; find your “passionate” customers to “participate” into the development for the TOTAL ORGANIZATION COMMITMENT

Communities of Interests
1. Entrepreneurs need to leverage them
2. Utilize crowd sourcing capabilities to create and curate R&D process

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