IntePros Consulting on Expanding Their Impact at TechJam

Our company, IntePros Consulting, attended Boston TechJam for the first time last year. We went in with minimal expectations or background knowledge, but we were quickly wowed by the expansive tech crowd in attendance. It seemed like every company in our network was there in their fun logo tees and enjoying the live music, interactive booths, and food trucks. One booth in particular stuck out to us because the exhibitor company was running a plank challenge. The competitive members of our team all participated to see if they could beat out their opponents or even make it on the leader board. We loved this game because it was fun but also gave the hosts time to connect with each visitor to help kill time while planking. We actually met Barbara from Mass TLC (a plank challenge monster at 13 minutes!!) during this, and she pitched us on joining MassTLC.

In the year since the last TechJam, IntePros excitedly joined as an affiliate member of MassTLC, and we looked forward to attending this marquee event again in 2019. We approached this year’s event by keeping our previous experience in mind. We decided that the best way to utilize our time at TechJam to gain brand exposure and make business connections would be to invite our consultants to attend with us and to host a Happy Hour for everyone beforehand so that we can enter the event together. We believe that every consultant working with us would enjoy the event and find it beneficial to see what is currently happening in the Boston Tech Community.

We have been pleased with the response we have received from our consultants and look forward to getting to spend some time outside of work with them. We will all be out there on June 13th in our matching IntePros “Titletown” shirts! We hope to see you there!

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