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Hundreds Pack Microsoft NERD for Tech Tuesday: Meet the Rockstar Developers of MA

Last night’s Tech Tuesday, Meet the Rockstar Developers of MA, was fantastic and truly showed what the Stay in MA campaign is all about. Over 300 people turned out, including over 100 computer science students from regions colleges and universities. There was a great vibe all night with so much buzz about the cutting edge technologies that are being created in the region.

(Pictured Left to Right: Dharmesh Shah, Walt Doyle, Jeremy Wertheimer and Vinit Nijhawan. Photo Credit: Dan Bricklin)

Kicking off with a panel of “rockstar” developers moderated by Vinit Nijhawan from BU and including Walt Doyle from WHERE, Inc., Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot and Jeremy Wertheimer from Google. Highlights from the panel included:

  • Create code everyday and hit send; get it out there fast.
  • Biggest hurdles of starting a company: rapid development and shaping expectations.
  • Finding the right team is crucial, and keeping them happy leads to further company success. 

Following the panel were some shout-outs talking about some of the coolest new technologies coming down the pike for companies, including Black Duck Software, Telerik, VMware, MEDITECH, Microsoft, Big Belly Solar, Funkitron, AisleBuyer, and many more (download app at rockstarma.appguppy.com for full listing of exhibiting companies).

(Photo Credit: Dan Bricklin)
 The latter part of TT was all about the networking. You could not move without hearing some great dialogue among the developers and soon-to-be developers. The action was also taking place upstairs on the 11th floor where we heard of at least 1 great candidate was being wooed by a rapidly growing company.

#RockstarMA continued to trend today and we’d like to see the dialogue continue. Dan Bricklin captured the night with pictures, if you were there, I’m sure you can find yourself in one of them. If you weren’t take a look for a better idea of what you can experience next time.

And be sure to stay tuned for our next Tech Tuesday on January 17, 2012 to keep this energy going.

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