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How IoT is Transforming Competition and Companies

Speaking to a crowd of tech enthusiasts at NewCo Boston, PTC Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing Eric Snow set the stage for a series of IoT and augmented reality demos. He talked about PTC’s legacy in the digital world with CAD/PLM and their leadership today in the physical world with IoT and augmented reality. He explained that the IoT brings data from the physical world into the digital, the data is synthesized and then given back to the human operator in the physical world via augmented reality.

PTC Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing Eric Snow speaking at NewCo Boston

He talked about the collaboration amongst PTC President and CEO Jim Heppelmann and HBS Professor Michael Porter that have resulted in HBR articles on the strategic choices relate to transforming the competition landscape externally and transforming companies value chain. Looking ahead, the two are exploring the emerging trend of Augmented Reality (AR) and how it is creating new experiences and opportunities for competitive advantage in the IoT.

We then broke up into three groups for up close demos.

PTC Caterpillar Generator AR Demo

First was a design demo with a Caterpillar Generator – In this session we saw how augmented reality was used to transform design validation and information flow for engineering, sales, operations, and service.




PTC Parts Assembly Demo

We saw a manufacturing demo with a Parts Assembly Robot – In this session we experienced an end-to-end manufacturing situation that includes industrial connectivity, role-based apps, anomaly detection and alerts




PTC Flowserve Pump Demo

And finally, we experienced a service demo with a Flowserve Pump – In this session we saw an end-to-end service journey includes predictive analytics, remote monitoring, anomaly detection and alerts, remote access, AR technician assist, and parts management



The lively and interactive session took place during the NewCo Boston, an annual festival hosted by MassTLC where 85+ tech companies open their doors and welcome the community in to learn about their vision and culture. NewCo is the brainchild of Wired Magazine founder John Battelle and is held in a couple dozen cities around the globe.

Attendees trying on the Augmented Reality headsets

NewCo Boston is one of four signature industry-wide events MassTLC hosts throughout the year – the others include: Boston/TechJam in June, the Mass Technology Leadership Awards in September, and TRANSFORM in November. Check out our events calendar for details upcoming MassTLC events.

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