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How Devo Increased Its Homepage Conversion Rate with Split Testing

In 2021, Imarc launched the redesigned Devo Technology website. The new website not only highlights the new Devo brand, but it is designed to increase demand generation, elevate Devo’s position in the technology industry, and showcase Devo’s vibrant culture. To take the website to the next level, the Imarc marketing team worked with UX strategists to utilize Imarc’s customized solutions for conversion rate optimization (CRO) on the homepage.

The goal of this project was to optimize Devo’s homepage to fuel conversions.



Imarc used robust research to define a strategic approach to enhance the homepage and establish a long-term CRO framework. Imarc performed the following research.

Data analytics deep dive

Imarc began by reviewing the site’s analytics and comparing them to industry benchmarks. Imarc also examined heatmaps to identify the top five clickable areas on the homepage. The analysis revealed the following:

  • Devo was not getting sufficient clicks on its homepage video

  • Half of all visitors were exiting the page after viewing only the top module

  • Devo’s core offering was not standing out enough to draw users’ attention

Imarc found that only 40% of users were scrolling halfway through the page. The “Who is Devo” and “Explore the Platform” videos were not getting optimal engagement.

Developing homepage viewer personas

To better understand Devo’s target audience, Imarc carefully constructed user flow paths. Imarc derived the user behavior and created homepage viewer personas consisting of job seekers, solution seekers, and discoverers.



Imarc implemented a series of research-driven updates to Devo’s homepage to drive traffic through new user flows and increase conversions.

Emphasizing the value proposition

Devo’s Platform is its biggest selling point. To emphasize the platform and its capabilities, optimization efforts included adding a new “The Platform” section to showcase high-level features and keep prospects engaged.

Building trust

Instilling trust goes beyond the bare visuals of the platform. Imarc chose to display Devo Awards right after the page fold to build a sense of security and satisfaction with the user.

Restructuring the user flow

Imarc redesigning the user flow to be more intuitive and streamlined by creating new user pathways and entry points. Call-to-actions (CTAs) were added and repositioned to be more actionable and clickable. The new action-oriented CTAs help users know what to expect following the click and directs them to explore deeper pages such as the platform and solutions sections.

The new homepage consolidates video content to provide a high-level overview of Devo to support users in the awareness stage. It also builds trust with visitors by displaying Devo’s awards and testimonials more prominently.

Contrasting black backgrounds were added to guide visitors toward the platform and solutions pages. The refreshed design is visually compelling and is easier for users to understand.

Devo homepage CRO before and after
DEVO homepage before and after



Over the course of three months, a split test was performed to examine how the new changes would perform compared to the original homepage. A split test is a type of A/B test that allows users to test separate web pages against each other. All traffic visiting the homepage on both desktop and mobile were included in the test, with a 50-50 split between the original (A) and the variation (B).

The homepage updates ultimately delivered increased conversion volume and an uptick in engagement metrics including average session duration and decreased bounce rate compared to the original homepage. You can learn more about Imarc’s other work here.


This post was originally published by Imarc.

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