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Get to Know Our Newest Security Community Sponsor, Vectra

We recently welcomed Vectra as our newest security community sponsor, and we couldn’t be more excited and appreciative of the company’s support.

Read on to learn more about this innovative leader.

Who is Vectra?
Vectra helps organizations see threats and stop breaches through AI-driven network detection and response for your cloud, data center, IoT and enterprise.

Why are you excited to be part of the MassTLC security community?
Education is Vectra’s top priority as an organization.  We believe that contributing and empowering the community to enhance defensive skills and capabilities keeps organizations safer, able to detect and respond to hidden attackers inside the network.

Organizations that have visibility can stop attacks like Ransomware, Bad Actors, Insider Threats, before they cause damage, but the people behind those organizations are the most important piece.  Our partnership with MassTLC is intended to contribute positively to the betterment of the community and be a part of making the world a safer place.

What are you hoping you can share and receive from the MassTLC security community?
Most shocking are the attacks and new threat vectors we see every day as a result of this new network model from the rapid shift to remote working. Vectra looks to share and empower enterprise security teams to become experts in all attacker behaviors and techniques and advance abilities as defenders to detect and respond to in-progress attacks before they become a breach, particularly around Office 365 vulnerabilities.

We know our partnership with MassTLC will mean a platform to contribute in meaningful ways by helping executives understand tactical methods to secure their networks and enhance security professionals’ performance as defenders.

Please join us in welcoming Vectra to our amazing security community!

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