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Everything You Need to Know about H-1B Visas: Compliance, Diligence, Upcoming Changes

Does your business have employees that are working in the United States on an H-1B visa? If yes, there are several special, still evolving legal circumstances of which you should be aware. Simply complying with the law as written may not be enough to secure needed visas for your employees.

MassTLC member Foley Hoag publishes great information regarding these upcoming changes, as well as, current compliance and diligence procedures regarding H-1B employee law on their blog.

We’ve included links to some of our favorites:

  • The Changing Tides of the H-1B Visa Adjudication – An excellent summary of how President Trump’s Executive Order 13788, “Buy American, Hire American” could affect the H-1B adjudication process, as well as, a bit about how the law could be implemented.
  • H-1B Compliance: What to Do When You Terminate Your H-1B Employee – There are three steps that must be followed after terminating an H-1B employee, and while many employers are roughly aware of the requirements, most fail to implement them correctly. Failure to do so can leave you liable for back wages; make sure you know what actions the law requires you to take.
  • Document Diligence: An Employer’s Guide to I-9 and H-1B Compliance –  The integrity of your employment records is just as important to the federal government as the integrity of your tax and banking records. As the Department of Labor ramps up it’s auditing process in the coming months, it’s important to make sure that you have your Public Access Files in order.

The information included in these posts is not only useful, but also critically important. If immigration and visa matters are important for your company, be sure to subscribe to Foley Hoag to receive the latest updates in the coming months.

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