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Everbridge Awarded Statewide Vaccine Distribution Deployment Across West Virginia; Everbridge Software Enables Governments, Hospitals and Businesses to Coordinate Rapid Delivery and Communications of COVID-19 Vaccine

Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global leader in critical event management (CEM), today announced COVID-19 Shield™: Vaccine Distribution, an extension to its CEM platform offering risk insights, logistics awareness and vaccine appointment management to support the full spectrum of organizations that develop, manufacture, transport, distribute, regulate, and administer the coronavirus vaccine. The offering also provides governments with a single, unified platform to expedite vaccine coordination, communication and distribution for all residents, including vulnerable populations with special needs. Representing significant adoption for its vaccine distribution software, Everbridge announced the deployment of its CEM Platform to power the digital vaccination distribution system for a variety of municipalities and organizations, including the entire state population of West Virginia, and the County of Sarasota, Florida, among others.

“We have partnered with Everbridge,” said Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia in a recent press conference for state residents. “Everbridge helps states notify their citizens when there’s a fire, a flood, or a hurricane, but now they are going to help us coordinate vaccines as we can get them from the federal government. We will be the first state to turn on this new vaccine scheduling system. Everbridge helped us stand this up in one week’s time.”

One Million Doses a Day

In the U.S., healthcare experts have stated: “at a pace of one million doses a day, the virus wouldn’t be contained until sometime in 2022.” A recent survey also reveals that 6 in 10 Americans do not know when or where to get the vaccine. In addition, the logistics of moving this type of vaccine across the country in a short period of time creates a substantial challenge, especially given the cruciality of cold chain monitoring.

Added Gov. Justice, “This system [provides residents] the ability to put your information in directly and helps us coordinate when vaccines are available to notify you when and where to come to get your vaccine. You will get a message back after you’ve registered to confirm that you are in the system and we will send you updates regularly. The system sends emails, texts, and phone calls. Whatever way you want us to notify you about your availability [Everbridge] will let you pick up on just that.”

“During a pandemic, efficient, expeditious and equitable distribution and administration of [the] approved vaccine is critical,” as stated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their recent guidelines. Everbridge’s new COVID-19 Shield™: Vaccine Distribution software offers federal, state and local governments as well as businesses and healthcare systems new capabilities to: better manage vaccine supply chains amidst other concurrent critical events, analyze risk of virus spread, avoid operational disruptions, and ensure the smooth rollout of vaccines to employees and citizens with easy-to-deploy software integrations.

For governments, Everbridge enables state, city and county leaders to rapidly coordinate communication across the population, automate appointment signup and monitor registrations, track vaccine availability, ensure doses are shipped to proper facilities to avoid spoilage, and enable citizen scheduling to avoid long waits and call center challenges.

The Need for Technology

Demonstrating the extreme pent up demand and need for technology to assist in the communications, scheduling and distribution of the vaccine, the County of Sarasota, Florida leveraged Everbridge’s vaccine distribution software to enable 50,000 residents to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine in the first hour of launch, which has been reported as ‘a giant leap forward.’ “We are utilizing Everbridge to coordinate the vaccine distribution in our community,” said Rich Collins, Director of Sarasota County Emergency Services. “The system aids in tracking and prioritizing this process, which allows us to serve our vulnerable populations and frontline workers.”

“We applaud Governor Justice and the state of West Virginia for their leadership in applying
best practices to help keep their citizens safer and accurately informed through effective
vaccine distribution. Solving this public health crisis faster will unlock the ability for
governments to fully re-open economies for the betterment of all states, people and
businesses,” said David Meredith, CEO of Everbridge. “The expansion of the Everbridge critical event management software platform to include vaccine distribution creates new ways for government, healthcare and all types of businesses to automate logistics, maintain vital communications and keep people safe during this crucial rollout.”

With Everbridge’s COVID-19 Shield™: Vaccine Distribution, enterprise customers gain capabilities to: coordinate the number of employees who have been vaccinated, manage population density and access to office buildings based on vaccination status, and receive timely alerts when employees report signs of illness so they can quickly respond to safeguard staff and visitors.

“Garnet Healthcare is providing mobile COVID testing and care across Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts,” said Ryan Ferris, CEO & Co-founder at Garnet Healthcare, which provides patient logistics, care coordination, and clinical diagnostics to healthcare institutions, corporate clients, and governmental agencies across New England. “Everbridge’s CEM Platform provides situational awareness of threats to our clinical logistics which could inhibit or delay these critical services. In addition, the platform provides coordination support to help us manage the testing process and follow-up with patients supporting our end-to-end clinical services.”

The new Everbridge COVID-19 Shield™: Vaccine Distribution software solution includes the
following features among the suite’s broader CEM capabilities:

  • •Enhanced COVID-19 Risk Feed showcasing vital real-time information, including the incidence of new virus strains and vaccine related intelligence;
  • Crisis Management Module to follow, log and audit the transport, handling, and/or
    administration of the vaccine;
  • Vaccine Distribution Logistics Service to provide situational awareness to better manage
    vaccine supply chains;
  • Customized Employee Surveys to help confirm whether employees have received the vaccine;
  • Appointment Management Tool to help manage the scheduling, tracking and communications of vaccine administration; and
  • Out-of-Box Workflows in Smart Orchestration to help improve distribution management, such as vaccine appointment follow-ups.

“Everbridge helps to bridge the gap between the public sector and the private sector,” said
Mark Aprigliano, Senior Director, Public Safety at Jackson Health System. “Their CEM Platform provides situational awareness of threats to the supply chain for the vaccine which could inhibit or delay distribution. It also provides a common operating picture to all of the stakeholders in that supply chain, providing visibility and a coordinated effort from manufacturing to point of vaccination.”

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