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Engaging in Health Innovation

Recap of Executive
breakfast meeting – October 15, 2015

By Andrew Miller, ACM Consulting, @AndrewMillerACM
Innovators needs to have a clear value proposition in order to be
considered for partnerships with providers.
There are some common characteristics of successful partnerships
between innovators and providers:
A common desired outcome/solution
Clear ROI for all parties
Proven results
Ability to share risk
Realistic expectations on timing
Providers need to have a transparent way to determine which
organizations to partner with in order to remove subjectivity from the
decision-making process.
A great way to build credibility to find some smaller customers
and achieve actual results.
Innovators that want to partner with larger providers need to
understand the levels of bureaucracy and approval required.
Innovators can’t be afraid to ask questions about how much support
their provider partners will give them.
For innovators, there are four steps you should take before
anything else:
Be very clear on the problem you solve (what value can you offer?)
Find potential customers whose priorities align with the problem
you solve (which prospective customers would most benefit from that value?)
Understand who influences the buying decision within those
organizations (who is the buyer and who is the user?)
Cultivate a champion to help accelerate the process with those
organizations (who will be the best advocate for the value we offer?)

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