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Early adoption of new solutions and approaches is both good business and good for the city

An interview with Kevin O’Brien, CEO and Founder, GreatHorn (Techstars ‘15)  Kobrien82 @GreatHorn_inc

We asked. Kevin answered.

is stepping up security, immediately, particularly important to your
the last 18 months have revealed, beyond any question, security-as-usual is
failing to prevent large scale data breaches. From Target to Anthem, OPM to
Ashley Madison, the bottom line is that attackers’ sophistication is exceeding
the capabilities of most organizations.
is the key obstacle companies like yours face in bringing security up to where
it needs to be?
ranging from HMOs to high-tech hardware manufacturers all share a common
thread: technological innovation has accelerated the pace of their businesses.
in the way of business and users isn’t a viable strategy any longer; the old
tools — training, blocking, and routing through intrusive tools — simply push
users into alternative and often insecure channels in order to get their work
done quickly. The upside here is that we’re on the cusp of a tremendous wave of
innovation in the security industry, and that the companies that are behind new
products and approaches are redefining what it means to detect and prevent
breaches before they happen.
is the next step that you recommend the local community takes to ensure that
Boston becomes the next security Mecca?
fostering security startups, first and foremost. Becoming a mecca for security
means attracting talent into the local ecosystem, and the way to make that
happen is to create an environment where talent, investment, and market
opportunities come together.

fantastic work happening here, but still plenty of opportunity to build more
hack spaces, accelerators, and early-stage incubation programs to drive growth.
Likewise, on the market side, local companies, institutions, and even
government organizations have the opportunity to benefit enormously from the
thriving entrepreneurial atmosphere that organizations like the MassTLC have
helped to foster; early adoption of new solutions and approaches is both good
business and good for the city.
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