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Conversion Chronicles: How This Imarc Client Increased Qualified Conversions

Beacon Hill Staffing Group was founded to set a new standard in workforce consulting, professional staffing, project-delivery solutions, and job placement. It leverages its broad staffing expertise to help clients attract and nurture top talent. In addition to launching a new site on the Craft CMS, Imarc worked with Beacon Hill to revamp its paid media strategy and optimize its digital marketing efforts.

Beginning the engagement with a comprehensive audit, Imarc uncovered that a majority of Beacon Hill’s search tactics were focused on one persona, the job seeker. However, Beacon Hill was looking to evenly distribute its paid marketing efforts among its two primary personas, job seekers and employers. Imarc also discovered opportunities to create a clear, consistent reporting structure to allow Beacon Hill to easily measure campaign performance and manage costs.

Imarc success by the numbers

A phased approach

After setting strategic goals for the annual partnership, Imarc identified a roadmap for performance improvement. We implemented a crawl, walk, run, fly phased approach to measure success and gain momentum. In the near term, there were quick wins including budget reallocations to support more profitable search tactics and negative keywords that immediately impacted the account performance.

Imarc was also able to identify long-term strategic opportunities that would include longer timelines and collaboration with the Beacon Hill team. This included the full rebuild of their paid media strategy and exploration of heavy-up campaigns.

In our planning process, we mapped out a phased approach that allowed Imarc to split project goals into actionable tasks over the course of 12 months, that aligned with Beacon Hill’s strategic goals. Each quarter we were able to focus and build upon each goal and deliver a comprehensive solution that transformed Beacon Hill’s paid media strategy over time.

Phase 1: Crawl

During the crawl phase, Imarc focused on short-term wins by prioritizing the key divisions where Beacon Hill saw the most effective conversions. We recognized the need and built a custom reporting solution to give the team a holistic view of their campaign performance and help communicate ROI throughout the organization.

Imarc was able to deliver an immediate improvement in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and reduce spending on smart campaigns that were geared toward the job seeker persona. However, without proper monitoring, the algorithm may generate ideas that don’t complement your goals and targeting. While monitoring these for Beacon Hill, Imarc was able to reduce ad spend, maintain conversion volume, and refocus the tactic to better target the employer audience.

Phase 2: Walk

In the walk phase, Imarc aimed to refine Beacon Hill’s digital strategy by removing underperforming keywords that were irrelevant to Beacon Hill’s target audience, and establishing a true remarketing framework.

To better engage the employer audience, Imarc implemented a performance max campaign. This type of campaign is designed to complement Beacon Hill’s keyword-based campaigns to help it attract additional converting personas across Google’s digital ecosystem. A performance max campaign combines Google’s automation technologies to optimize performance in real-time and produce more conversions.

Imarc success by the numbers

Phase 3: Run

In the run phase, Imarc rebuilt Beacon Hill’s generic and cumbersome campaign and account structure to streamline the process for Beacon Hill’s internal teams. Imarc segmented the campaigns based on Beacon Hill’s industry divisions, leveraging ad groups to different audiences while aligning relevant keywords for each.

Phase 4: Let’s Fly

In addition to jobs needing to be filled year-round, certain times of the year correlate with increased job seeker activity. To position Beacon Hill to capitalize on these market opportunities, Imarc is facilitating heavy-up campaigns to allocate ad spending towards initiatives that support business goals and engage job seekers in strategic areas. Imarc is also working with Beacon Hill to leverage social platforms such as LinkedIn to pinpoint specific job titles and company attributes that align with current hiring trends.

Imarc will continue to report on campaigns on a recurring basis and keep the Beacon Hill team updated on wins and emerging opportunities.

Supporting a website launch

To support the launch of the new website, Imarc ran a successful campaign to create buzz with paid social tactics on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This launch campaign further engaged target audiences and positioned Beacon Hill as a guiding light for those on their career journey.


This post was originally published by Imarc.

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