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Connect at the Speed of Light with Acacia and MassTLC

Ever wonder how your photos get to the cloud so quickly? Or, how you’re able to stream your favorite shows on Netflix? The secret is in the optical interconnects. If you’ve ever bought anything, shared a photo, or watched a movie online, there is a very high probability that your data has passed through Acacia Communications’ products.  Join CFO John Gavin at NewCo Boston by MassTLC to learn about optical communications, what optical interconnects are and the role they play in your digital life.

The cloud, SaaS, and mobile apps are part of our everyday lives, but taking advantage of the benefits afforded by these technologies and understanding how they are made possible are two very different things. There are countless standards, best practices, and innovative solutions that go into providing consumers (and companies) with the services they rely on.

On Thursday, April 12 from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m., John will share with attendees the role Acacia Communications plays in this ecosystem. He will address how Acacia’s silicon-based high speed optical interconnect technology works inside a variety of networking equipment, and how it enables dozens of cloud and communications providers to meet the growing demand for data. Attendees will also receive a tour of Acacia’s state-of-the-art research and development lab.

More than 70 companies, including Acacia, are participating in the third annual NewCo Boston by MassTLC event and will open their doors to attendees to learn about what they do and why it matters. Visit here to learn more, and here to register for Acacia’s session. Hope to see you there!

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