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Boom! Workhuman is landing at Boston TechJam

Workhuman® is thrilled to sponsor Boston TechJam for the first time. Who are we? Well, we’re a tech company – obviously – and, for the last 20 years, our products have been shaping the future of work by connecting more than 4 million people to shared purpose, empowering them to recognize each other for the work they do every day.

Our product suite of human applications, Workhuman® Cloud, is the fastest-growing integrated Social Recognition® and continuous performance management platform out there. It helps companies build cultures rooted in gratitude and positivity. And it works. We know this because not only are we techies over here – we also love data. Our Workhuman® Analytics & Research Institute has mined a ton of rich information on this – like when people receive five or more recognition moments a year, it can cut turnover in half.

But Workhuman is more than a company – it’s also a global movement, anchored by our annual Workhuman® Live event. And there’s a growing community of humans worldwide, all championing this new era in HR that puts the employee at the center of work.

The lively bunch of humans who’ll be representing us at BTJ and are so excited to be participating in this incredible tech party. BTJ is such a dynamic event because it’s all about bringing together like-minded people – innovators, outliers, mavericks, creators, and dreamers. It’s about thinking big, collaboration, and new ideas. Because we’re all about human connections, this opportunity to interact with the local tech community is our thing. We’re happy to talk shop, talk data, talk what it means to work human – basically, we’ll talk about anything.

We’ll also have a Boomerang Booth for people to visit! We’re looking forward to making new friends, expanding our tech tribe, and bringing a little more humanity out into the world. And since we love adding gratitude, we’d like to give a big thank you to BTJ for having us! For more about Workhuman, visit

See you there, humans!

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