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Big Data & Connected Cities Report

this big data and connected cities report is part of the Mass technology Leadership Council’s (MassTLC) work in support of Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s ongoing initiatives to identify and exploit key economic and leadership opportunities for the Commonwealth.

We engaged in this initiative to foster greater collaboration between sectors; to spotlight and enhance the leadership capacity of our region; to attract talent, investment, and new business; and to position our region at the forefront of the big data revolution. We have employed a Delphi methodology to gather the leading minds within key industries, to lend their expertise to help identify both short and long-term opportunities.

Our work builds upon our 2012 report, Big Data and Analytics: A Major Market Opportunity for Massachusetts, and subsequent big data Delphi roundtable report, nding, among other themes, that leadership opportunities exist for Massachusetts to capitalize on its strengths

and focus on actionable business insights.

With this, we set out in 2013 to “bump”
and connect the region’s big data thought leaders with those in other key strength areas, including urban infrastructure, healthcare and life sciences. We leveraged our four-decade legacy of data and technology leadership to explore some of the most vexing challenges and opportunities of our times.

Our Delphi process involved four steps: (1) interview thought leaders representing both
big data and each of the target industries,
(2) survey participants to identify areas of consensus, as well as differences of opinion,
(3) provide survey findings back to the Delphi participants, and (4) explore the opportunities, barriers, and possible public/private interventions, through an interactive roundtable.

Download the full report here.

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