“Be Boston” – Does this define our amazing culture?

It’s no secret that MassTLC has enabled thousands of amazing minds to collaborate in one of the most vibrant tech communities on the planet. Whether you’re based in Boston, the PRC (that’s the People’s Republic of Cambridge in local vernacular) or orbiting the 128 or 495 loops, the gravitational pull of MassTLC brings people together to have fun, solve hard problems that challenge humanity, and even become better people. But what is it that really defines the Boston Tech Community?

We show up:

Though some outsiders may call us cold New Englanders, we’re actually an incredibly warm community that embraces great ideas, fosters innovation and builds long lasting relationships. – There’s only one catch. To build these trusting relationships, you must show up! In other words, start regularly attending MassTLC events. What I learned from my experiences mixing with people during these events is that everybody can learn from each other. Like lessons learned in the office, the more quality time we spend with our colleagues, the stronger our relationships grow. Hence the more productive we can be in our professional lives.

We get involved:

Did you know that a volunteer organization never has enough volunteers? I’ve personally witness some pretty amazing things happen just by seeing people raise their hand and roll up their sleeves. Between NewCo, Tech Jams, MobileTea Meetup, Software Development events and even Corporate Social Responsibility breakfasts, everybody wants to make our community great. So how can you get engaged? – Come willing to listen to others, share your story, and want to help someone.

We connect:

By showing up and getting involved, it’s highly likely that people will begin to like you. People generally collaborate with people they trust. You can either try to connect directly with people or win the trust of a connector. A connector is a match maker that just wants to help people. In fact, I challenge you to become a connector if you’re not one already. I’ve seen startups get sent into warp speed by getting a sincere introduction to a global organization. There are some really awesome partnerships taking place even as you read this! – All started at MassTLC because people wanted to come together and share ideas.

We bring people together:

Having been very active in the Boston Tech Community for almost 7 years, I’ve not only seen amazing power behind MassTLC, but also the willingness of this phenomenal organization to build alliances with communities like MassChallenge, Innovation Women, Technovation, SIM Boston, Meetups, and the list goes on. So, at the end of the day MassTLC is a bright star that brings us together as we continue to build an amazingly vibrant professional culture. Be Boston!

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