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Apply to Perform at Boston TechJam

Can you juggle? Teach yoga? Slam poetry? Break boards with your bare hands? Explain the origins of the universe through interpretive dance? Or do you just have a big idea that you want to share with the tech community? Then we want you at Boston TechJam!

This year’s BTJ will feature a theater-in-the-round dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of our local techies. If you have a talent that you’ve always wanted to share or an idea that you’d like to pitch, then prepare to come out of your shell, jump on stage, and do your thing. This isn’t a competition, so don’t worry, there won’t be judges (beyond the audience).

Each “performer” will have 5-10 minutes on stage. If you are interested in learning more, contact Ruth Morris ( If you’re ready to sign up, complete this brief form and we will let you know if we have an open slot for you.

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