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Annual Cambridge Innovation Trail Walk with Bob Krim, Scott Kirsner, Dan Bricklin to be Held Nov. 5th

Cambridge today is a hotbed of innovation and not surprisingly many of the things we take for granted today can be traced back here. Each year, Bob Krim, historian and co-founder of the Entrepreneur Innovation Center at Framingham State University, and Scott Kirsner, Innovation Economy columnist at the Boston Globe team up for a tour the actual sites of innovation and to share what they know about the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who made Cambridge one of the most innovative cities in the world.

Actual Polaroid photo taken of 2015 Cambridge Innovation Trail Tour participants at Lab Central.

This unique tour starts with the historic newsstand that inspired the founders of Microsoft. Participants learn about Admiral Grace Hopper, early computers at Harvard, and the very first bug, and why Cambridge became a global hub for biotech. This year, attendees will meet one of the people who helped launch the personal computing revolution, Dan Bricklin. (Both co-founders of Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, have credited the software Bricklin created as a key element of Apple’s early success.)

*ALL* proceeds will be donated to a worthy nonprofit. And when you register, you get a vote on which one. (Your four choices: The Clubhouse Network, Science Club for GirlsBUILD Boston, or the MassTLC Education Foundation.)

This year’s Innovation Trail of Cambridge tour will be held on Sunday, November 5th, leaving from the Out of Town News, immediately above the Harvard Square stop on the Red Line, promptly at 12:30. It’s a walking tour, so come in comfortable clothes and shoes. We’ll wrap up at Harvard Business School by 3:30 PM. You’ll be about a 10-12 minute walk back to the Harvard Square T station.

Click here for tickets and information. 

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