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96 Percent of EV Buyers Want Wireless Charging

new research study conducted by Qualtrics, an independent market research firm, found that car buyers want wireless charging as an option on their new electric vehicle (EV). The study, commissioned by WiTricity, aimed to understand how wireless charging is perceived to change the EV ownership experience. Among the 1,053 American adults who were surveyed, nearly half already own at least one EV and the other half intend to purchase an EV in the next two years.

“​​As EV shoppers become more mainstream, they also become less willing to put up with early-adopter headaches,” said WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas. “It makes sense that EV shoppers want to remove one of the last remaining frustrations in EV ownership – the plug. Wireless charging eliminates the hassle of charging by ensuring it’s an automatic and seamless process.”

Wireless Charging is More Desirable Than Full Self-Driving and Other Amenities

Wireless charging sits atop the list of features EV shoppers want. In fact, wireless charging is rated 34% higher than full self-driving capabilities. Wireless charging is also more appealing than popular upgrades such as premium audio systems, park assist, acceleration performance, or unique interior or exterior design features.

Wireless Charging will be Most Used at Home

The research also found that EV buyers intend to use wireless charging where the Department of Energy says charging happens most – at home. More than three-fourths of EV buyers want to use a wireless charging pad in their garage or driveway – and a majority said they will use wireless charging at public locations, work, or shared living areas like apartments or condos.

Wireless Charging Appeals to All Demographics

Every generation surveyed agrees that wireless charging technologies are appealing, however, they identify different reasons for that appeal. Nearly three-fourths of Baby Boomers like not having to physically plug in as the primary appeal, while Millennials are more interested in having access to the latest technology.

Wireless Charging Expands Access

With interoperability top of mind, nearly half of EV shoppers identify wireless charging as a solution to not having to find the right plug at public charging stations – a frustration that 40 percent of current EV owners identify as a current challenge with public charging. Boomers in particular show interest in wireless charging outside the home with 46 percent concerned about accessibility with public charging stations – as public charging stations are often inaccessible to those with mobility issues.

It is clear that wireless charging is set to transform the EV ownership experience, reducing barriers for adoption and improving the public charging landscape with interoperability. To download the report, visit here. For more information on WiTricity’s automotive solutions, visit Witricity’s website.


About WiTricity

WiTricity is the trailblazer in wireless charging for electric vehicles, leading the development and implementation of magnetic resonance technology across passenger and commercial vehicles alike. The company’s technology is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and is the foundation for ratified global EV wireless charging standards including SAE, ISO, and GB. Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers turn to WiTricity to help accelerate the adoption of EVs by eliminating the hassle of plug-in charging, setting the stage for future autonomy.


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