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5 Simple ChatGPT Prompts to Rev Up Your Recruiting & Hiring

Small businesses don’t despair!  While some of the transformative AI hiring tools like HireVue, Pymetrics, or Textio may be beyond your budget or hiring needs, the ubiquitous ChatGPT is FREE and can significantly elevate and accelerate your hiring processes. Here are 5 powerful ChatGPT prompts that our team has created, tested, and refined to help our clients and us capitalize on the power of AI.


Write a job description including the key responsibilities, skills, and qualifications for a [Job Title] working in the [Industry].

This prompt can help you jumpstart a job description, especially for a position that is new to your company and not fully scoped. Beyond saving you time, using this prompt helps to ensure the job description is comprehensive and uses professional terminology. Be as specific in your prompt as you can with the job title, including level (e.g., senior, junior, entry) and functional area as well as the industry. Refine the job description ChatGPT produces with additional job details and nuances such as hours, schedule, compensation, culture, inclusivity, etc.

Example: Write a job description including key responsibilities, skills, and qualifications for a Senior Product Manager working in the biotechnology industry.  Our company is located in Waltham, MA.  The job is full-time with benefits and hybrid.  Write the job description in a way that is inclusive to all races, genders, and ages. See Output


What is a competitive pay rate or salary for a [Job Title] with 10+ years of work experience working in the [Industry] in the [Geographic Area]?

Ask ChatGPT to provide perspective about competitive salary ranges for a specific job in a specific geography. The more details you add about size of the company, skill requirements, job responsibilities, and other qualifications to your prompt, the more precise the answer should be. One caveat… If you are using ChatGPT 3.5 (available free to the public), that model was trained on data as of September 2021, so salaries may have evolved a bit since that time.

Example: What is a competitive pay rate or salary for a Senior Accountant with 10+ years of work experience in the Defense industry who lives within 10 miles of the Burlington, MA area? See Output


Write a message to reach out to a candidate with the following [LinkedIn Profile] about his/her interest in [Job Type] at [Company Name] for which he/she might be a strong fit.

Use this ChatGPT prompt to quickly craft a professional and enticing email or LinkedIn message to a prospective candidate. If you include the job name and company name in the prompt, ChatGPT will customize the communication based on what the model knows about the company and skills required for similar jobs. You can include a LinkedIn profile for the candidates to refine further and you can even ask ChatGPT to write the message in a specific tone (e.g., appealing to people returning to work after a career break). While you will probably have to do some editing to get the message and tone just right, this prompt can get you 80% there.

Example: Write a message to reach out to a candidate about his/her interest in a recruiting sourcing specialist position at FlexProfessionals for which he/she might be a strong fit. Write in a tone that is appealing to professionals returning to work after a career break. Candidate’s LinkedIn profile is below. See Output


Create an interview guide for a [Job Title] for [Company Description] with these [Critical Skills].

ChatGPT can help you develop interview questions or an interview guide to screen candidates. Beyond specifying the job title for which you will be conducting the interview, include other details in your prompt that will allow ChatGPT to better tailor and focus the questions such as: the length of the interview, key attributes of a candidate you want to assess, types of questions you want to include (e.g., behavioral or situational interview questions, an exercise, etc.), and red flags. You can even cut and paste the candidate’s LinkedIn profile into the prompt so that ChatGPT can customize the interview to ask about specific details on the candidate’s resume.

Example: Create an interview guide for a 1-hour, first-round interview for a Development Director for a $2M non-profit organization where the candidate’s existing relationships with the donor community are important.  Include questions to ask and what to listen for. See Output


What are the best job boards, networking groups, alumni organizations, colleges and universities, and other resources for recruiting [Job Title, Functional Area, Industry] in [Geographic Area]?

Get insights on what resources are effective in recruiting candidates with a specific skill set or in a specific function, industry, and/or geographic area. If you include in your prompt the types of recruiting resources you are looking for such as job boards, networking groups, or alumni organizations, ChatGPT will organize its recommendations in those categories. Or if you prompt ChatGPT for recommendations for each type of resource separately, it will return a longer list within each category.

Example: What are 10 top jobs boards, 10 networking groups, 10 alumni organizations, 10 colleges and universities, and 10 other resources for recruiting accounting professionals in the Boston metro area?  See Output

The art of the prompt in ChatGPT is critical in unlocking its power.  Our five prompts only scratch the surface with respect to ways companies big and small can leverage the application in their hiring processes. If you discover additional ways, we’d love to hear from you at: info@flexprofessionalsllc.com.

Additional notes, cautions, and tips on ChatGPT:

  • The free version of ChatGPT is ChatGPT 3.5, trained and released in September 2021. Its knowledge base is current only up to September 2021.
  • The newest version of ChatGPT is ChatGPT-4, officially launched in March 2023. Is accessible with a paid subscription ($20/mo) to ChatGPT Plus.
  • Do not upload any private or sensitive information to ChatGPT. Anything uploaded to the internet is public information and risks being accessed, collected, stolen, or misused by other users.
  • ChatGPT cannot always access hyperlinks such as LinkedIn profiles. Instead, if the data is important to your ChatGPT prompt, you must cut and paste the data into the prompt.
  • ChatGPT prompts build off each other. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to write an email, once it spits out the answer, you can ask in the next prompt to modify the email with a specific tone or modification. You can keep refining the output with additional prompts until you are satisfied.

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