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3/6/13 Healthcare Roundtable: MGH’s Ambulatory Practice of the Future: Technology Adoption, Challenges, and Opportunities

Imagine interacting
with your doctor on a video call from your home or prescribing your own
medication when an app on your smart phone tells you to do so.  These were some of the ideas discussed at
MassTLC’s healthcare event held at Mass General Hospital’s Ambulatory Practice
of the Future (APF). 

The event included
a tour of MGH’s pilot ambulatory office which is the brainchild of Dr. David
Judge, Medical Director of the Center and co-chair of MassTLC’s healthcare
cluster. When you walk in, the APF feels
more like a day spa that a clinic.  In
addition to soft lighting and comfortable seating, each examining room is full
of technology, including twin flat screen monitors and a small table where the
patient sits with members of their “care team” to review their medical history
and lab test results.  Everything,
including the equipment that captures vital signs, is wireless so information
flows directly into and out of the electronic medical record.  The entire clinician workflow has been
revamped with a focus on wellness and providing a full complement of services
including nutrition and fitness coaching. 
Many times a patient can visit the clinic in person and then continue
care using a virtual consultation using video conferencing technology.

After the tour, Dr.
Judge was joined by John Moore from the MIT Media Lab for a Q&A session.  John passionately described his vision of the
future of healthcare, powered by the next generation of patient-empowering
technology.  He spoke in depth about his research that is looking at the impact of community-based
patient support and the power of open source to enable technology to work
collaboratively to help improve care and lower costs.  We encourage you to learn more about Moore’s
view of the future at Apprenticeship
in the Management of Chronic Care

Thanks to Tom Basiliere, CIO, UpToDate for this blog post. 

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