2024 Salary Guide: Be Right on the Money

Salaries and compensation impact the consumer tech industry by attracting and retaining talent, driving innovation, ensuring the quality of work, responding to market demands, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting diversity. Companies that recognize the importance of fair compensation are better positioned to influence and adapt to consumer tech trends effectively.

To build a strong foundation for the future, companies need to stay up to date on hiring trends and remain continually on the outlook for skilled talent. In this guide, Robert Half explores the jobs in greatest demand, what firms are doing to attract and keep talent, and how much professionals can earn in 2024.

A shifting economy makes it challenging for employers to keep pace with compensation trends. For candidates, it’s difficult to assess the value of their skills in a market where companies are more deliberative in hiring. Whether you’re a hiring manager, business owner, tenured professional or job seeker, this 2024 Salary Guide has you covered.


This guide was originally published by Robert Half, a specialized talent solutions firm.

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