2024 Retail Outlook Report

Repsly recently published their 2024 Retail Outlook Report. This report is packed with groundbreaking insights and an exclusive peek into the retail industry’s evolution.

Key Highlights:

  • Optimism on the Rise: A staggering 55% of survey respondents express confidence in meeting their retail execution goals—a 10% surge from 2022. The industry outlook is brighter than ever!
  • CPG Priorities Unveiled: Discover why 39% of respondents are prioritizing Retail Execution and Operations among their top 3 strategic priorities.
  • Tech Takeover: Uncover the astonishing 57% increase in respondents committing to boost their investment in retail tech, signaling a dynamic shift in how companies control and command retail.
  • IR Technology Trends: Nearly half of respondents have either already invested in or are actively exploring Investment in Retail (IR) technology in 2024—keeping ahead of the curve.

View the full report here.

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