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2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights

Today, people are more connected to each other than ever before. This era of rapid, worldwide connection presents a unique opportunity to give and connect with people around the globe. We developed Progress for Tomorrow, our corporate social responsibility program, with this opportunity in mind. It’s why the program focuses on three pillars: our people, our global community and our planet.

“Regardless of where people are in the world, we are connected,” said Yogesh Gupta, CEO, Progress. “Technology makes this possible and it’s part of what makes our industry so exciting.”

“Yet this same connectedness imparts a duty to give back and speak up,” he added. “As individuals and as a company, we must do our part to achieve positive change in our communities as well as in the world beyond. I’m proud to say that Progress and our people have, time and again, answered the call.”

In 2022, we worked together to give back to the people and communities we serve around the world. Highlights from our CSR report are below, or you can download the full report to get a complete picture of our achievements over the last year.


Our People, Our Foundation

Progress wouldn’t be Progress without the people who work here. From Bulgaria to India, to the U.S. and Singapore, our employees around the world reflect our culture—and inclusion and diversity are a key pillar of our company values.

“Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce requires embedding inclusivity into all our corporate best practices,” said Dr. Shirley Knowles, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer.

“That requires an intimate understanding of gender, ethnicity, religion, cultural norms, social status, skillset and other factors down to the regional level,” she continued.

In 2022, our people fostered a more equitable and respectful workplace by participating in events, activities and programs focused on inclusive practices. At the head of the pack were our employee resource groups (ERGs), each of which made a concentrated effort to engage with employees and support their respective communities and allies.

All seven of our ERGs made donations to causes and organizations they care about, from Wounded Warriors to Stop AAPI Hate and the UN World Food Program.

ERG leaders also hosted events and trainings designed to educate colleagues and honor their communities and cultures. In 2022, our ERGs held celebrations for Lunar New Year, Diwali and Cinco de Mayo, and organized our inaugural Pride Walk at our headquarters in Burlington, MA. ERGs also arranged educational sessions, cooking lessons, trivia competitions and more.

This year also saw the formation of ENABLE, a group that supports people with disabilities and differing abilities. ENABLE joins our six existing ERGs: ASPIREBlacks@ProgressPlusProgress for HerUnidos and Veterans@Progress.

In addition to our I&D efforts, we made sure our teams prioritized self-care in 2022. With the launch of an on-demand Wellbeing Resource Hub, Progressers could help improve their mental, physical and financial wellness through trainings, events and activities. Mental Health Awareness Month celebrations, charitable walks and runs, financial wellbeing sessions and more helped our people connect and feel their best.

Our people-centric culture hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Boston GlobeInc.Forbes and others recognized Progress as a top place to work in 2022.

Giving Back to Our Global Community

The communities we serve around the world are a big part of our enduring success as a company. Giving back to these communities has always been top of mind for Progress and our employees, and 2022 was no different.

Last year, we donated nearly half a million dollars in supplies, volunteer hours and other resources to over 130 organizations worldwide, including the World Health Organization, SOS Children’s Villages and Aster Foundation.

We also expanded our Charitable Giving program globally, empowering our employees in all parts of the world to identify and distribute funds to the charities that matter most to them. With this expansion, we were able to donate to more than 40 organizations around the globe.

We were able to continue to invest in and support the future of tech as well. Our Women in STEM Scholarship Series provided financial support for young women in the U.S., Bulgaria and India interested in pursuing STEM careers.

“I saw at a very early age the impact technology can have on human life,” said Yiming Fang, 2022 recipient of the Mary Székely Scholarship for Women in STEM.

“I’m asthmatic and due to advancements made in pharma, I’m able to lead a healthy, happy life. That is why I decided to pursue a career in STEM. I want to make a difference,” she added.

Other scholarship recipients this year included Vasilena Krazheva and Tsvetelina Stefanova, who were awarded the Women in Tech Scholarship in Bulgaria; and Latha Bethelli, who received the Akanksha Scholarship for Women in STEM in India.

“I am truly grateful to receive this scholarship from Progress,” Latha said. “I’ve had a strong interest in computer science for years and this scholarship will help me continue my education and strengthen my skills to support my dreams of helping others through technology.”

Protecting Our Planet

In 2022, we continued to support the environment and understand our impact on the world in which we live, work and play.

Our offices discontinued the purchase and use of plastic cups and utensils, and our Limerick, Ireland office is now 100% powered by wind energy. In Sofia, Bulgaria, we installed new coffee machines that don’t require single-serving pouches, and our Brno, Czechia office organized an Earth Day cleanup.

The Progress Earth Team, formed in 2021, built on their efforts to promote sustainable behavior. This year, they hosted a monthly Sustainability Steps challenge that engaged employees to make a difference in the environment.

We also started tracking two new sources of emissions from Progress: our company-owned and leased vehicles, and the utility usage in two of our major co-located data centers.

Progressing Toward Tomorrow

With offices and employees all over the world, Progress has a unique opportunity to give back globally. We will continue to serve our people, our global community and our planet in accordance with our corporate values and our reputation as a trusted company.

To learn more about how Progress is supporting our people and communities, download the full CSR report.

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