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Words That Define the Tech Ecosystem

Just Because a Word Is Overused Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Important

I often find myself using certain words so consistently that I worry they might lose their meaning. Last week I was out at an event, and someone asked me what MTLC does. My response was that we foster the growth of an inclusive tech ecosystem. But as I was saying it, I struggled. Not because I don’t love what I do or that we should be doing anything differently. But because some words are just overused. This can be especially true in business and is most often seen in the About Us section on any website.

I’m talking about words such as “connections,” “network,” “ecosystem,” and “innovation”. Maybe it is just me, but I can’t remember a conversation about work that doesn’t include one of these. How do you solve for this? Do I ask ChatGPT for all of the synonyms so I don’t sound like a walking cliché? Spoiler alert, I have and I haven’t found anything that is worthy of the original.

The Heartbeat of Our Tech Sector

Why? Because these are more than just words. They are the heartbeat of our tech sector. Each one stacking on the other so that they collectively create something unique to Boston. In professions like mine, these words are used frequently because they are central to what we do and, more importantly, to what we believe in. Here’s how I see it:


People need to feel connected to be happy and thrive. They need others to turn to, socialize with, and share ideas. I recently read that having a connection with someone allows for a special bond that goes beyond surface-level conversations. Connections enable you to open up, share, and receive advice.


Once you start making connections, you can branch out and build your network. Networks consist of people who are there to help you, make introductions, and expand your thinking. They are essential for both personal and professional growth, aiding you or your company in expanding and flourishing.


The definition of an ecosystem includes “interconnecting and interacting parts.” A healthy ecosystem relies on robust components. The stronger the parts, the stronger the ecosystem. This interconnectedness is crucial for fostering a supportive and thriving environment.


This is the overarching word that encompasses all others. It’s the lifeblood of Massachusetts, often described as a place where we build difficult things. Achieving such innovation is challenging if one has to go it alone. Innovation thrives on dialogue and collaboration, where sharing ideas leads to greater achievements.

Embracing the Power of Words

If you’ve read any of my blogs or spent more than five minutes talking to me, you know I believe Massachusetts is the best place to live, work, and grow a tech company. These words are the reason why. So, the next time I find myself struggling to think of a different word to use, I will remember why these words matter so much. They are not just overused terms; they are the pillars of what makes our community and work exceptional.

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