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What Makes Job Candidates Respond? (Infographic)

Talent Retriever has been a regular (and much loved) exhibitor at the annual Boston TechJam event over the years. If you attended the event this year, you might remember them for “Bully” the mechanical bull, but did you know that the team was also doing some of their own recruitment research? Talent Retriever surveyed professionals at BTJ2018 to learn more about what they refer to as “key drivers during the recruitment process,” and now, they are sharing the results with the community.

Did you know that a “flexible work schedule” is the number one “most important aspect of company culture” for professionals? Or that candidates are more likely to respond to your emails than your LinkedIn messages (and definitely more likely than your tweets)?

While the data may not offer much when it comes to improving your mechanical-bull-riding strategy, it provides great insight that will certainly be useful for your recruitment strategy.



And in the words of the Talent Retriever, “Remember, if you need help rounding up talent, Talent Retriever is ready to saddle up with you and hit those hiring goals hard this summer.”

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