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unCon 2013 Session: How to Keep Students in Boston after Graduation

Moderator: Mike LaPointe
Students and entrepreneurs gathered today at
unConference to talk about how as part of the innovation community they can
work together to keep university students in Boston after they graduate.
The session began by addressing the major
questions students are faced with when planning for life after
graduation.  What is unique and special about the Boston innovation
ecosystem that will motivate them stay here rather than relocate to New York
City or San Francisco.  One student expressed that no one has made the
case that investing in Boston will pay back dividends in a way that giants like
Silicon Valley can’t – a case that many believe to be true.
As the discussion opened up it became clear
that the responsibility of cultivating the next generation of innovators in
Boston fell on the shoulders of two groups: the students themselves and the
startup/entrepreneurial community.  The students in the session postured
that maybe it’s up to those students already entrenched in the innovation community
to help their peers that have silo themselves to the campus to go out and find
startups.  On the other side of the coin, although the small Boston
startups have limited resources to recruit college students, they need to make
the effort to go out and engage with the universities.  As one participant
put it, we need to get students OFF campus more and startups ON campus more.
There was no doubt in the room that the raw
materials were there to create a bond between students and startups.  The
next steps are for students and entrepreneurs alike to come together and map
out what will grow their relationship into an incentive to keep students in
Boston and feed the next wave of innovation.
Shannon Todesca
CHEN PR: www.chenpr.com

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