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The unConference Time Dilemma

Time is the most precious commodity at the unConference.

While I’ve been to every unConference each year, I always walk away feeling one day ain’t enough… It really could be a week or month-long event!

Some thoughts on time…1) Time and Space

There are 4 scheduled sessions in the one-day unConference. What happens, when as I found out — I wanted to be in 3 different sessions that took place at the same time?

My solution: I found 2 other people who look just like me who I thought would be my proxies and attend sessions I couldn’t be in.

Left to right: Patrick Rafter, Dave Wieneke, and Kevin Winant.

As bad luck would have it, 2 of the 3 handsome bald guys above both showed up at the same session.

2) Time and Networking

It’s only natural that people like to talk and engage in conversations. Given the short quantity of time and all the people I would love to meet, how can you connect, disengage and then move on to another conversation (without being rude)?

Not possible!

While speed dating might work for some, it’s hard for people to come quickly to the essence of themselves without the delivery of stilted “elevator pitches.”

3) Time to Experience

One of the coolest elements of the unConference is just listening as a fly on the wall to hear attendees talk with great passion about whatever they’re working on now:

-Footwear company CEO wants to encourage in-sourcing to keep jobs in America

-Two young HubSpot employees share tips on how to land an internship

-Software that uses neuroscience to help improve business operations and process

-Lessons Learned from an entrepreneur: Things a VC will never tell you.

These are just 4 of the 1,000 personal stories and people I wish I could hang with, learn from, explore mutual synergies with!

4) Time for Another Time

Since it’s impossible to connect with all the cool people on one day, it’s hugely wonderful to know there’s a list of who’s here:

Great reading for ideas of people to meet in the future.

A list to be valued, cherished and not abused for crass commercial gain!

Now can one of the bright developers here build a way we can have 10X more time? That would be a “killer” app!

Patrick Rafter
Chief ValueCaster, Valuecasters
Twitter: @prafter

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