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The Future Car: Driving a Lifestyle Revolution

In the not-so-distant future, we will have to explain to our grandchildren why we ever put up with a “risky, unsafe world in which humans, rather than robots, drove car.” It’s a bold claim – and it’s the conclusion of a recent white paper issued by Siemens PLM software, “The Future Car: Driving a Lifestyle Revolution.”

As recently as a few years ago, autonomous vehicles remained mostly a novelty topic; today, they are a part of the daily news cycle. The future car is almost certainly inevitable – but when will it become a real, visible part of our lives? What will it mean for everyday reality?

According to Siemens, the future car will make travel more affordable, enjoyable, and efficient. It will enable a more mobile elderly population, facilitate lower real estate costs, and increase educational opportunities. It will also, unfortunately, create a new platform for crime and terrorism and lead to the elimination of jobs. Insurance policy models will completely transform.

Ready or not, though, the future car is on it’s way. Siemens predicts that in as little as ten years, many of its described outcomes will be commonplace in our largest cities. Rural areas will undergo the same transformation by 2050, possibly earlier. In order to transition safely, we need new laws and regulations to govern not only how autonomous vehicles operate in the future, but also how they are developed, tested, and licensed today.

For this report, Siemens interviewed experts “working on 3D printed autonomous shuttles, electro-mobility, mobility as a service, flying cars, the technology impact on distracted driving, intelligent traffic systems and autonomous driving platforms and simulations.” The resulting report is a comprehensive presentation of the future of the entire transportation industry, including how, when, and why it will evolve.

Read the full report,  “The Future Car: Driving a Lifestyle Revolution.”

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