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Taking your Agile Development to the Next Level – Best Practices and Methodologies

Despite the excessive heat outside, more than 75 people turned out for another great software development event last night at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge. We kicked off the night with Alex Brown from Scrum Inc. giving an overview of Agile development and Scrum. Geoff Scott, Lead Producer at Zynga followed and spoke about pipelines, resources and the need for daily reviews. Next, Gil Irizarry, Program Manager at Constant Contact spoke on their use of Kanban and their 5-week release cycle. Lastly, David Tarbox, VP of Engineering at Litle and Co. spoke about estimating and the “appendicitis estimating methodology” or the 80% rule. All presentations are linked above. Thanks to Andy Singleton from Assembla for moderating a great session.

The break-out sessions focused on Scrum 101, Beyond Scrum (and Kanban), Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration and Agile Distributed Teams.  The sessions were very active and engaged and they could have continued beyond our time.  

For the rest of 2012, we will have a seminar in late September/early October and then the summit in December. Based on feedback from the crowd they want to see more on agile, trends in tools that help with software productivity, a 2050 “vision”, views from the VC and continuous integration and test. A programs committee meeting will occur over the summer – please let Christine@masstlc.org know if you are interested in being involved.

Thanks to our sponsors AccuRev, Rally Software, Serena, VMware, Constant Contact, DYN, and Verivo and to Microsoft for hosting.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

-Christine Nolan

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