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Session Notes from “NY vs. Boston Tech Scenes: It Is Not a Rivalry”

Session led by Jared Chung 
In general, the biggest challenge we face is that we are physically separated too often. Co-location is the most impactful thing we could do. 
The following no-limit ideas were generated in the discussion: 
  • Send a Boston contingent to NYTechMeetup and ask the NYTM to send a contingent to MassChallenge or NERD once every quarter (“The Boston Trek”)
  • Subsidized travel between Boston and NYC for entrepreneurs on short trips: (a) NECorridor Acela tickets (The “NETechCorridor”), (b) the StartupBus, (c) Dedicated entrepreneur hotels or housing / Techbnb 
  • Can we get Mayors Menino and Bloomberg to shake hands on the co-development of the Tech communities? 
  • Let’s set up “twin entrepreneur villages” where there are a dozen seats reserved for entrepreneurs visiting each city on short 2-4 day trips. (e.g., at CIC / MassChallenge and at General Assembly)
  • Livestream simulcast locations for major Tech events – assemble a list of events in each city and offer simulcast locations in the other city (e.g., NYTM night at CIC, or MIT Elevator Pitch night at NYTM) 
  • A list of mentors in each city willing to mentor for startups in the other city (“MentorList” alla AngelList?)
  • Talent matching to create distributed NY/Boston teams of startups
  • A Wiki-style list of the things each city does best and the “winning” companies and VCs in each city 
  • Potential for incoming corporate sponsorship and mentorship in a cross-city fashion 

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