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unConference Session: Startup Internships

Startup Internship had two objectives: how to find an internship within a startup and how startups could find use of interns. The session was held by Kelly Rice, Marketing Manager at Kinvey and Smit Patel, Intern at Hubspot.

Smit gave his experience on how to find an internship. One way he mentioned was utilizing Twitter to search for a keyword “internship” and afterwards narrowing down via geolocation to find the tweet within a certain mile radius. Clever!
Another topic Smit mentioned was the art of the cold email and here are the steps:

1st Paragraph: Who you are – describe what you do or who you aspire to be

2nd Paragraph: Butter them up – mention their company or accolades they have accomplished

3rd Paragraph: “The Ask” – don’t be afraid to say “hey hire me”

Some tools to help track your email progress is to use tools such as Rapportive (to see if email is valid) and Yesware (track if email was opened or not).

Also mentioned was the importance of having a LinkedIn profile on top of the resume as startups pay attention to looking at a virgual resume. Jack DeManche in the audience got notoriety via his resume by turning it into an MBTA map [click here].

Lastly, Kelly brought use case scenarios of how interns can be valuable to a startup/company. She advised that companies should check in various disciplines whether or not the intern does have domain knowledge in the subject matter (marketing interns should have a Twitter presence or developers/designers/engineers should have a website). She cautioned startups not to pigeon hole intern applicants into one specific defined roles but to foster and encourage them to hire more on talent and allow them to settle into their roles as time progresses.

Bottom line, Boston is a college city and Boston is an startup city. Students need experience while startups need talent to help accelerate ideas. It is a symbiotic relationship, let’s get out there to take full advantage of our spoils.

Adrian Wong is a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. He is a Boston transplant originally from Monterey Park, California and pursued undergraduate studies at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. There he graduated with a bachelors of science in finance and minor in management with cum laude honors in May 2008. Adrian has been with Morgan Stanley and with the RGL team since 2007. Adrian has been very passionate for entrepreneurial early stage growth companies and act as a liaison to the start-up community. Adrian currently spends time volunteering in local start-up communities such as the MassChallenge, Venture Café, DogPatch Labs, Future Boston Alliance, non-profit Millennium Campus Network, and actively involved with Bentley’s Alumni Association.

Twitter: @adrianjwong
Email: adrian.wong@morganstanley.com

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