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Session 2: Company Culture

Adrian Wong covered the Company Culture session at the MassTLC Innovation unConference.

Led by: Eran Egozy, co-founder, Harmonix spearheading discussions

– The group was diverse from a company just started out with 2 people to a large company started 9 years ago employing 300+

Two ways of thinking company culture:

1. What do you do: habits, introducing new employees, holding events, awards
– When you get bigger
You have to set rules, but always have exemptions so individuals feel respected
– Awards

Having specific awards (ex. Most transparent individual award – hope you are more creative with the name than mine) that amplifies the company’s cultural values instead of employee of the month
– How do you tie the brand and the culture? Or is it even possible?

At Harmonix, most are in some sort of musical consortium but if they are not chances are they will be in a few months (they have their own band room)
– Competitons
Create friendly inclusion of each department for each group/team
– Hold meetings that don’t stink and also provide transparency (see point #2)
The sooner you create weekly meetings, the easier it is scalable and implemented
Speaking of HR! The purpose of having HR is to prevent employees from suing the company, not help employees with the problems they have (sorry not a knock on HR). Have a professional tasked with helping and not preventing.

2. Set of core values: ex. transparency, hiring policies
– Transparency – as company grows bigger there is a tendency to hide things (check out BzzAgent and Hubspot)
– Hiring someone – if you don’t want to hire jerks then sniff them out early so as the company grows they will pick out the talent pool individuals who are the same as they are (which are not jerks) (side note – have individuals not in management be involved in interview procress who understand culture well)
– Have lunch meetings and round table discussions on what is going on in the company (management telling them what is going on) (side note – if you don’t want to bore employees in such meetings – pay attention)

– How do you get feedback?
You think you know but you have no clue: ignorance is not bliss
Have a mini conference with day long sessions in smaller groups with sessions that targets that reverberates the company values but also have individuals voice their honest opinions in an intimate environment

– Read Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness
– Check out Netflix culture deck

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